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"No appropriate python interpreter found" when running cqlsh


From DSE5.0 the required version of python for cqlsh is 2.7. Prior versions will produce an error if attempts to run cqlsh are made before upgrading. This note applies to RHEL / Centos type platforms.


The following generic error is observed:

$ ./bin/cqlsh
No appropriate python interpreter found.


Python 2.7 is required to run cqlsh


The solution is covered in the documentation here:

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    Richard Jones

    If you use the SCL solution provided to install python27 on RHEL/CentOS 6.x. Adding the following profile script makes it easier to run cqlsh by always running it in a python27 environment. This doesn't break yum or modify the system python version.


    # Run cqlsh with python2.7
    if [ -f /usr/bin/scl ]; then
    if scl -l | grep -q python27 ; then
    alias cqlsh='scl enable python27 -- cqlsh'

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