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nodetool repair always shows the total number of ranges in the entire cluster


nodetool repair keyspace always displays the total number of ranges in the entire cluster, even if the keyspace to be repaired is replicated on only some of the nodes.

Applies to DSE 5.x


The following message is displayed when nodetool repair keyspace is run:

root@ip-10-200-176-44:~# nodetool repair keyspace1
[2017-04-12 09:40:22,315] Starting repair command #3, repairing keyspace keyspace1 with repair options 
(parallelism: parallel, primary range: false, incremental: true, job threads: 1, ColumnFamilies: [], dataCenters: [],
hosts: [], # of ranges: 288)

where 288 is the total number of ranges in the cluster, despite the fact that keyspace1 is replicated on only 2 of the cluster nodes, and each of those nodes has only 32 ranges in total.

This is a misleading message, but is innocuous. The actual repair operations only happen between nodes that replicate the keyspace. Thus, the message can be ignored.


An improvement jira to has been logged as APOLLO-612.

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