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DataStax agent fails to connect to the local node with ‘Unexpected error connecting to Cassandra , retrying soon , java.lang.NullPointerException'


The DataStax agent fails to connect to the local DSE node with a null pointer exception. 


The DataStax agent fails to connect to the local node. The following errors may be observed in the agent.log

12-04-2017 08:53:07:259 INFO [async-dispatch-39] Starting monitored database connection. 
12-04-2017 08:53:07:260 ERROR [async-dispatch-39] Unexpected error connecting to Cassandra, retrying soon. 


The agent is looking for configuration using the older listen_address or rpc_address parameters. However if these are not implemented then the agent will fail with the above exception.

This is being tracked internally with the  following jira reference:

OPSC-10873 - Agent does not support listen_interface or rpc_interface


Implementing the listen_address and rpc_address in the cassandra.yaml is necessary until it is possible to upgrade


Upgrading to OpsCenter 6.0.9 when it becomes available will provide the fix to this problem.

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