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DSE spark-submit driver-class-path option does not place JAR in the driver classpath


This article discusses an issue where JARs are not placed on the Spark driver classpath.


When running spark-submit with the --driver-class-path option, the JAR does not get placed in the driver classpath. For example, invoking Spark shell as follows:

$ dse spark --driver-class-path /path/to/my.jar


$ dse spark --conf spark.driver.extraClassPath=/path/to/my.jar

will not add the JAR to the classpath. Although there are no errors returned, the Spark driver web UI (default port 4040) will not contain an entry for the JAR file. As an example, the following entry should appear at the bottom of the page:

    /path/to/my.jar                   System Classpath

Since the JAR is not placed in the classpath, applications requiring the JAR fail to run.


In DSE 5.1.0, there is an argument missing in a section of the modified spark-class shell script responsible for setting up the classpath for the DSE implementation of Apache Spark (internal defect ID DSP-13289).

As a result, the classpath is not populated with all the required arguments. 


Modify the spark-class shell script in the following locations:

  • for packaged installations - /usr/share/dse/spark/bin
  • for tarball installations - <install_location>/resources/spark/bin

Step 1 - In this section of the exec_with_dse_impl() function:

        if [ "$substituteClassPath" == "1" ]; then

Replace the following line:


with (add $ARG at the end):


Step 2 - Make the update on all nodes.


The fix for DSP-13289 is included in DSE 5.1.1. Upgrade affected clusters to DSE 5.1.1 or newer to obtain the fix.

See also

DSE doc - DSE 5.1.1 Release Notes

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