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OpsCenter Active/Passive Failover Instructions


OpsCenter does not currently offer a high availability configuration option.  So in order to achieve a level of redundancy in your OpsCenter infrastructure, you will want to set up an active-passive configuration.


OpsCenter needs to be highly available in order to ensure that monitoring of your DSE cluster is not interrupted.


OpsCenter does not offer a high availability configuration option.


Set up an active-passive OpsCenter configuration


  • Keep the following files/directories in sync from the main instance of opscenterd
    • Packages
      • /var/lib/opscenter/ssl
      • /etc/opscenter
    • Tarball
      • ./conf
      • ./ssl
  • If able to use a vip hostname for stomp_interface in each agent's address.yaml, then you're done
  • If not, you'll need to change the stomp_interface on each agent in the case of failover
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