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Bypassing OpsCenter "Add Existing Cluster" timeout.


When adding an existing cluster to OpsCenter 5.0.0 the request often times out.


"Error creating cluster: Timeout while adding cluster. Please check the log for details on the problem."


This is due to Network Latency.


There is a timeout when adding a cluster to OpsCenter, There is a way of bypassing this timeout by creating the <cluster_name>.conf file on the OpsCenter host manually.

Depending on if you have Authentication configured on your cluster, or not. You can create the cluster *.conf file in the following directory /etc/opscenter/clusters/<cluster_name>.conf with the following information.

Note: if the file name has spaces you'll need to replace the spaces with the underscore character "_" for example:

"My new cluster" will be My_new_cluster.conf


username = <jmx_username>
password = <jmx_password>
port = 7199






username = <cass_ussrname>
seed_hosts = (IP of seed node) 
api_port = 9160
password = <cass_password>

If you do not have Authentication setup then you only need the following two lines in the <cluster_name>.conf:

seed_hosts = (IP of seed node)

After you have created this file, restart opscenterd and your cluster will be included in the dashboard.


This issue is fixed in OpsCenter Release 5.0.1 and greater


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