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OpsCenter repair service fails


On the OpsCenter console, repair service is shown as FAILED
However manual repairs are successful.


An error like this is shown on the repair_service.log

Repair service needs to run 2 range repairs in parallel; maximum is 1. The repair cannot complete without adversely affecting the cluster. Data left: 862620416738.87, time left: 763080.00, required throughput: 1130445.58, actual throughput: 1087764.45. More information on tuning the repair service can be found here:


By default, single repairs have a pre-defined timeout of 3600 secs
Whenever a repair segment takes longer than 1 hour, OPSC repair service mark it as if it failed
However the repair session on system log may still be in progress - normally


Set the following OpsCenter section/parameters on /etc/opscenter/opscenterd.conf
This will allow for a 4 hour window on single repairs and a max of 4 concurrent repair sessions 

max_parallel_repairs = 4 
single_repair_timeout = 14400


Support has requested a formal revision of this mechanism, in the meantime the workaround should suffice to get a functional repair service operation as the default values might not work in instances where repair sessions I/O and other factors do not allow it to complete within an hour.

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    José Martínez Poblete

    If setting a large number of max_parallel_repairs/single_repair_timeout along with a disabled compaction/streaming throttle on cassandra.yaml does not work due to the amount of tables/data on the cluster, large number of pending compactions, disk I/O, etc. then customer might be better off running nodetool repair around the cluster in a staggered fashion - perhaps using crontabs - to complete within the smallest gc_grace_period configured on their schema

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    José Martínez Poblete

    In some cases you might have to also set this parameter as well

    min_throughput = <adjust as per repair\_center.log>

    To deal with current OPSC limitations on how throughput is calculated

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