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OpsCenter reports "Multiple Versions Detected" after a node restart


Sometimes, the OpsCenter web UI displays a warning about multiple versions detected particularly when DSE is restarted on a node.


When DSE is restarted on a node, the OpsCenter UI may report the following warning:



This is a known issue but a transient one. When the node restarts, the JMX connection for the agent is temporarily unavailable. During this time, the Thrift connection from OpsCenter may read the Cassandra version but it is reported incorrectly as the DSE version. This issue is tracked under the following OpsCenter bug:

OPSC-1407 - Stopping and then re-starting a node in a cluster causes the 'Multiple Versions Detected' message to display


The error message is transient and should disappear once DSE fully starts. The time it takes to recover is dependent on how long it takes for DSE to start based on various factors such as replay of commit logs and opening of data files.

The problem is now fixed in OpsCenter 6.0

If the issue persists, please log a ticket with DataStax Support for investigation.

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