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OpsCenter metrics not showing up after configuring for SSL


After upgrading a regular cluster to SSL for Opscenter to agent communication, the dashboard metrics do not seem to show


The metrics do not show up even after the user has followed the procedure outlined in the documentation:


A race condition can occur where the agent tries to connect to the local node via thrift before opscenterd is able to send SSL information

OPSC-2241 - Race condition enabling ssl for thrift on agent

If the agent opens a non ssl connection to an ssl enabled dse server, a future update from opscenter specifying to use ssl for thrift, doesn't make the thrift connection reset


Add the following lines into the agent's address.yaml file

thrift_ssl_truststore: /etc/dse/conf/.truststore 
thrift_ssl_truststore_password: datastax


This problem is addressed in OpsCenter 5.1 as thrift is no longer used in the agent as outlined in:

OPSC-3278 - Remove thrift from Agent

Removal of thrift from the datastax-agent process

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    Mohamed Haleem

    Following this procedure has not helped me - linking to pages that we do not have access is really futile :(

    Opening a ticket to have this resolved

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