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Opscenter with SSL not showing metrics after upgrade to 5.1


After upgrading a cluster thats using SSL and / or internal authentication sometimes the metrics no longer display even though the OpsCenter Ui shows as connected and all agents showing as connected


The OpsCenter UI will show everything looking normal with no errors and all agents connected, however the graph metrics will show "NO DATA"


There were some changes in the datastax-agent process in version 5.1 where thrift is no longer used, therefore this has an impact on some of the configuration parameters in the <cluster name>.conf and address.yaml files


The workaround is to add some parameters to the address.yaml file as well as update the <cluster name>.conf file

Heres some example files from a test system:


use_ssl: 1
# ssl_keystore settings if using ssl
ssl_keystore: /etc/dse/keystore
ssl_keystore_password: datastax
# workaround for race condition OPSC-4667
hosts: [""]
# cassandra_user/pass for when using
# internal C* authentication
cassandra_user: cassandra
cassandra_pass: cassandra


# needed if using C* authentication
username = cassandra
password = cassandra
port = 7199



# ssl config
ssl_keystore_password = datastax
ssl_keystore = /etc/dse/keystore



# username/password needed if
# using C* authentication
username = cassandra
ssl_ca_certs = /etc/dse/colchester.pem
ssl_validate = True
seed_hosts =
api_port = 9160
password = cassandra


Its not ideal to have to add parameters into every agent's address.yaml file. At the time of writing this article there are the following bugs open to address these:


OPSC-4667 - covers a possible race condition for opscenterd sending config to the agent

OPSC-2241 - similar to the above but was for older agents using thrift

OPSC-3744 - covers encryption for plain text passwords



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    Randi Keppeler

    Thanks for posting this ! we're using certs and this helps a LOT

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