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FAQ - Do Cassandra and OpsCenter support IPv6?


IPv6 is the latest version of the Internet Protocol (IP) that is designed to replace IPv4 since the number of addresses in IPv4 has now been exhausted.

Support for IPv6

There has been IPv6 support in Cassandra since version 0.7 (see CASSANDRA-2329).

However at the time of writing, OpsCenter support for IPv6 is still unresolved. The internal feature request ID is [OPSC-1598] and there is no target release date.

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    Prem Joseph


    Customer wants to switch to IPV6. Do you have any update on the OPSCenter IPV6 support feature ?


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    Erick Ramirez

    Thanks for the question, Prem. We are prioritising feature request OPSC-1598 internally. Please feel free to subscribe to this article to receive updates. Cheers!

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