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OpsCenter add nodes in EC2 fails with "Launching Instances failed: InvalidGroup.NotFound"


When adding new nodes to an existing cluster via OpsCenter, the EC2 instances fail to launch.


During the provisioning process, the following error is reported in OpsCenter:

Error: Launching Instances failed: InvalidGroup.NotFound: The security group <sec_grp> does not exist


The error is slightly misleading but is generated during the provisioning process when OpsCenter attempts to launch an EC2 instance but fails to retrieve the EC2 security group because it is not available in the default AWS virtual private cloud (VPC).

A VPC is an isolated section of the AWS cloud where AWS resources are provisioned in a virtual network.

In the current releases of OpsCenter, it is only able to find security groups in default VPCs.


Only launch new EC2 instances with OpsCenter in the default VPC.


The ability to provision to non-default VPCs in EC2 is under development in internal feature request ID [OPSC-3429].


We would love to hear from you. Simply login and post a ticket to register your interest.

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