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Properly Sizing Your Heap to Prevent OutOfMemoryErrors

Created: 2012-08-15 18:14:22 UTC
Last Update: 2017-07-14 23:54:31 UTC



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    Ashok Naidu

    Is the article applicable for  C*  1.2  also  ?

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    (Suspended) Andrey Kaliazin

    The heapspace_calculator script found in   Heap Space Calculator does not calculate the current key cache size, using the cfstats output, unfortunately.


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    José Martínez Poblete

    On newer DSE versions, as per CASSANDRA-6360, we need to use   nodetool -c cfhistograms <keyspace> <cfname>   for all KS/CF's to use it with avg_row_size_calculator  tool  

    One way to accomplish this is running the following bash:

    function runCmd(){
    echo "$@"
    for i in $(echo "describe keyspaces;" | cqlsh) ; do
    for j in $(echo "use \"${i}\"; describe tables;" | cqlsh) ; do
    runCmd nodetool -c cfhistograms ${i} ${j}
    done | tee nodetool_cfhistograms.txt

    And then use the output file with the row size calculator

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