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Removing unreachable nodes from Gossip


On occasion where a node has been decommissioned or removed, sometimes the process may not complete. This article discusses how to remove the node from gossip using JMX tools


The node may have long since been removed from the cluster using nodetool decommission on the node itself of nodetool removenode <Host ID> on another node, but is still showing up in nodetool status for example:

Datacenter: DC1 
-- Address Load Tokens Owns Host ID Rack 
UL 275.12 GB 1 16.7% 22005584-544e-47bb-80a7-c5e283be137b RAC1 
UN 335.22 GB 1 16.7% 6e3e4793-9161-4873-98f1-bc040ae907e7 RAC2

The output of the nodetool netstats command may also show that all streams are complete at 100%


Depending on what version DSE is in use this may be caused by a known issue with gossip. One of the most recent ones at the time of writing this article was CASSANDRA-10371


Using a graphical JMX tool or a command line too you can remove the node from gossip using the mbean Gossiper.unsafeAssassinateEndpoint(<IP address>)

Here's an example using jconsole:





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    It's also a good idea to manually remove the unreachable node from each node's system.peers table.

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    Sean Fuller

    This also works if you do not have jconsole access to the nodes:

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    Gregory Smith

    I have had several occasions where jmxterm times out before the assassinate completes, try jmxsh instead.

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