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Taking Thread dumps to Troubleshoot High CPU Utilization

Created: 2012-11-08 18:07:47 UTC
Last Update: 2019-05-30 14:48:35 UTC



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    (Suspended) Philip Southam

    To save you some time, If you're using a modern version of java you probably won't have the jstack utility (as it appears to be depricated and will have to use the script.

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    J.B. Langston

    jstack is only included in the JDK, not the JRE. It is still available as of JDK 7, which is the version that Cassandra currently supports.

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    (Suspended) Philip Southam

    I stand corrected, thanks J.B.

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    (suspended) José Martínez Poblete

    Attached a version of the script which merges the original scripts

    Usage: ./ -i <interval> -c <count> -pid <PID> -pgm [jstack|kill]

           Default interval: 5 secs

           Default count   : 60

           Default PID     : DSE java PID

           Default PGM     : jstack


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    (suspended) José Martínez Poblete

    I have changed the code of the script in order to get the information we need

    Attached is a newer version of the script. It needs the following in order to run

    On /etc/password make sure the cassandra user is set to use /bin/bash rather than /bin/false

    cassandra:x:106:111:Cassandra database,,,:/var/lib/cassandra:/bin/bash

    We need to use Oracle jstack, it will use the command resulting from this search:

    find /usr -name jstack -type f -perm /a=x | egrep -v openjdk | tail -1

    Become root and then cassandra, then execute:


    A succesful execution would look like this

    automaton@ip-172-31-2-39:~$ ./
    Begin processing...
    PID   %CPU  Process
    ===== ===== =======
    27825 8.15 MemoryMeter:1
     6930 7.00 CompactionExecutor:25
     6929 6.50 FlushWriter:13
    27063 5.90 Gang worker#0 (Parallel GC Threads)
    27064 5.90 Gang worker#1 (Parallel GC Threads)
    27828 5.50 COMMIT-LOG-WRITER
    Collecting files...
    End processing, please collect /tmp/multidump.tgz



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    Michael Keeney

    We've also run in to several instances of this error:

    Unable to open socket file: target process not responding or HotSpot VM not loaded
    The -F option can be used when the target process is not responding

    The following fixed it (along with editing to include):

    sudo -u cassandra jstack -J-d64 -l <PID> >> jstack.out

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    Grant Flander

    Where does the thread dump output go when using

    The script uses kill -3 to generate thread dumps. This output was expected to be in /var/log/cassandra/output.log but is not seen there. Follow these steps to capture the thread dumps using (kill -3):

    1.  Add these lines to /etc/dse/cassandra/jvm.options file:


    Note: LogFile can be set to any file, the file does not have to be created in advance.

    2. Restart DSE.

    3. Run and find the thread dump output in the file you specified in LogFile.

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    Michael Keeney

    Some discussion on using forced mode (-f), in cases where the jvm doesn't respond to jstack:

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    Michael Keeney

    Easy way to get DSE PID so you don't have to sift through ps:


    cat /var/run/dse/

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