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How to remove DSE dependancies via yum


When you install DSE via yum, a set of dependencies are also installed.  If you wish to completely remove DSE from your system, these dependencies must also be removed.


The dependencies installed with DSE are  not  automatically removed with yum remove -y dse-full


The following commands will clean all of DSE's dependencies from a machine.  

yum remove -y dse-full

yum remove -y dse-libpig
yum remove -y dse-demos
yum remove -y dse-libsolr
yum remove -y dse-libhadoop
yum remove -y dse-liblog4j
yum remove -y dse-libsqoop
yum remove -y dse-tomcat
yum remove -y dse-libtomcat
yum remove -y dse-libmahout
yum remove -y dse-libhive
yum remove -y dse-libcassandra
yum remove -y dse-libhadoop-native



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