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OpsCenter UI login may appear to hang when logging in as non-admin user


When using user authentication and logging into the OpsCenter UI as a non-admin user, the UI may appear blank or "hang"


When using user authentication in OpsCenter, using a user-created profile the user may see the UI appear to hang indefinitely with no visible error message.


The issue is a known one outlined in the following jira

OPSC-4912 -Non-admins not able to view dashboards with table-specific graphs

There is an issue were if a global preset is used as a default for the user, it does not get loaded properly and effectively becomes stuck in a loop condition


Presets are covered in this link:

1. Log in to the admin account.
2. Un-share all presets.
3. You should be able to log in to a non-admin account now; do this.
4. Save a preset: add, remove, or move a graph, or clone the default (NB this may not be entirely necessary; the mere act of logging in may save the user's preset.)
5. Log in to the admin account and re-share the preset.
6. You should be able to log in to the non-admin account where the default preset will load and the new shared preset can be loaded.
7. The shared preset can not be made the default otherwise the same symptoms will occur and you'll have to start over again.


Upgrade to OpsCenter 5.1.2 or later


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