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Spark hostname resolving to loopback address warning in spark worker logs


Some nodes may resolve the hostname to the loopback address, while this is ok, it may generate a warning in the spark worker logs


The following error may be seen in the spark worker logs

WARN [Thread-378] 2015-06-11 13:41:39,712 (line 73) SparkWorker: Your hostname, resolves to a loopback address:; using instead (on interface bond1) 
WARN [Thread-378] 2015-06-11 13:41:39,714 (line 73) SparkWorker: Set SPARK_LOCAL_IP if you need to bind to another address


The hostname resolved to the loopback address.


As the error suggests, add the SPARK_LOCAL_IP in the /etc/dse/spark/ file

SPARK_LOCAL_IP="<IP address>"


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