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OpsCenter commitlog archiving retention is ignored


When enabling commitlog archiving through OpsCenter, a defect has been identified that prevents the designated retention policy from being respected, resulting in unplanned disk usage. This has been identified and raised on internal JIRA OPSC-5439, and manually or programmatically removing the files is an acceptable workaround.

Note: It should be understood that once commitlog archives are removed, point-in-time restoration requiring the removed files is no longer possible.



When commitlog archiving is turned on, files older than the retention period are left in the specified commitlog archive location.



An internal marker in the commitlog archival process is not called, resulting in the deletion step failing to be taken.



Manual or automated removal of these files will not interrupt the operation of DSE/Cassandra or OpsCenter in any way. A task in cron to remove any files older than the retention period will usually function as an acceptable workaround.

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