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​Some ​Sqoop data import jobs return a StackOverflowError ​exception ​at runtime.


When importing data into a Cassandra database using Sqoop, some import jobs return a StackOverflowError exception.


Below is a sample error from a Sqoop import job:

attempt_201507310947_0006_m_000001_0: ERROR 11:02:41 Error running child : java.lang.StackOverflowError


​In some instances, t​he ​default ​thread stack ​memory ​size set for the JVM (defined with the JVM option -Xss) is insufficient when processing large data sets. When iterating through the data, new stack frames are recursively allocated but when the allocated memory runs out, the JVM throws a StackOverflowError exception.​

The default stack size may very depending on the OS and Architecture (32bit / 64bit) that the job is being run on. The following link quotes some default sizes


In such cases this can be adjusted by editing the /etc/dse/hadoop/mapred-site.xml file as per the following example. The stack size can be gradually increased until the error is resolved.

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