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OpsCenter S3 backup fails with "Location validation error: Call to <bucket id> timed out"


When performing a backup to a S3 bucket with OpsCenter the operation can timeout with default settings


The following error will be seen:

Location validation error: Call to <bucket> timed out.


There are two possible issues here:

  • The default timeout value in seconds for an API call from the OpsCenter UI to the OpsCenter API is 10 seconds, in some cases this might not be sufficient.

The following internal jira has been raised to change the default value

OPSC-6077 - OpsCenter API Timeout < AWS Validation Response Time

  • There are characters in the bucket name that can cause issues with OpsCenter such as the "-" character

The following internal jira has been raised to cover the "-" character

OPSC-6795 - Region validation fails with dash "-" in the bucket name


For the timeout, the workaround is to change the /etc/opscenter/opscenterd.conf file to increase the timeout value. This will increase the api calls for all defaults that use this setting.

default_api_timeout = 60

Then restart the opscenterd service.


Upgrade to a version that contains the fix for OPSC-6077,  and OPSC-6795 which at the time of writing this article is not yet identified.


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