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OpsCenter NoHostAvailableException seen in agent logs for versions pre-5.2.1


OpsCenter versions pre-5.2.1 which use an older java driver version could cause different issues with agents connecting DSE nodes.


Although not dependent on any particular operation. The following error will be seen usually in the agent.log and also sometimes in the opscenterd.log

com.datastax.driver.core.exceptions.NoHostAvailableException: All host(s) tried for query failed (no host was tried)

This could happen during general metrics collection or on user initiated actions like performing a snapshot


OpsCenter versions prior to 5.2.1 were bundled with an the older release of the java driver. This could cause issues connecting to DSE nodes exhibiting the same problems as detailed in the following tech note:

Clients using the java driver seeing "NoHostAvailableException" on nodes that are still reachable

The issue was outlined in the following internal jira:

OPSC-5657 - Upgrade java driver to 2.1.6


Adding the hosts to the address.yaml may help to facilitate a workaround, for example

hosts: ["","",""]

Then restart the datastax-agent service


Upgrade to OpsCenter 5.2.1

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