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Solr core cannot be loaded with "maxNumThreadStates must be >= 1 but was: 0" error


In some machines with 1 cpu core an error can occur when creating a Solr core.  


The schema and config are loaded successfully but then the following error is seen when trying to create a solr core:

org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: maxNumThreadStates must be >= 1 but was: 0


The problem is caused the the following known issue:

DSP-6408 - Cannot set max_solr_concurrency_per_core at 1


The max_solr_concurrency_per_core setting in the dse.yaml should be set to either the same amount of physical CPU cores or a minimum of 2, whichever is the greater.

If you are using an older dse.yaml you may still see the comment:

Default is "number of available processors" * 2;

This can be misleading as since in DSE 4.7.1 the default is simply "number of available processors" therefore it is advised to set it explicitly.


Upgrade to DSE 4.7.4 or 4.8.0 or later when available.


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