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Dropping a solr table leaves data behind in solr_admin


When a table that is used in a Solr core is dropped, entries may remain in the solr_admin keyspace


When a CQL table is indexed by a solr core, records are created in the solr_admin.solr_resources table.


When a table was dropped, data was left behind. This was due to the following internal jira:

DSP-4068 - Dropping a solr table leaves data behind in solr_admin


Prior to upgrading for this fix, the entries will need to be removed via cqlsh. For example to list the entries:

select core_name, resource_name from solr_admin.solr_resources ;

core_name | resource_name
mycore    | schema.xml
mycore    | solrconfig.xml


The problem is fixed in the following DSE releases:

DSE 4.5.6, 4.6.1, 4.7.0

Note: any data left behind before upgrade will need to be removed manually. The fix prevents the problem occurring, it will not clean up previous entries.

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