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Moved token messages seen in OpsCenter logs without any token move operations


A messages about host moving token may be observed in the opscenterd.log file without any actual token movement operations having been initiated.


The following kind of message might be observed in the opscenterd.log

2016-02-29 13:45:56+0100 [MyCluster]  INFO: Host moved from '4902817346077229087' to '5266222778472694838'
2016-02-29 13:45:56+0100 [MyCluster]  INFO: Node has multiple tokens (vnodes). Only one picked for display.


This is a bug caused by the fact that for nodes with vnodes enabled OpsCenter will pick a single token from the list as a representation of that node for internal purposes.

When OpsCenter checks for any potential changes to the cluster's topology it picks a token from the list in a non-deterministic way, causing it to think the node has moved.

This should not have any impact on OpsCenter functionality or the behavior of your cluster, and can be ignored.

The issue is outlined in the following internal OpsCenter Jira.

OPSC-7620 - Opscenter incorrectly detects a token has moved


At the time of writing this article there is no release date for this issue, but it will be addressed in a future release of OpsCenter.


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