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Lifecycle Manager: Datacenter specific repositories


Repositories can only be set at the cluster level.  In some cases users may want to direct target nodes in one datacenter to download from a different repository than a second datacenter, typically to download from a source that is geographically closer.  While per-datacenter repositories are not supported in OpsCenter 6.0 it is possible to achieve a similar effect using proxies to locally cache packages.



  1. Outside of LCM, deploy caching https proxies at each datacenter site.
  2. Optionally, outside of LCM deploy a single package mirror that is network accessible to the proxies at each datacenter. Alternately, ensure that each proxy is able to reach both the official repositories and an official package repository for the operating system running on your intended target nodes.
  3. Add a repository to LCM. Ensure that the Use Configured HTTP Proxy checkbox is checked.
  4. Add a config-profile for each datacenter. For each datacenter and config-profile, configure the proxy settings in the Package Proxy setting.

Target nodes will now download deb or rpm packages through the caching proxy, improving download speeds and using internet bandwidth efficiently.


Further Details

The ability to specify a Repository per-datacenter is being tracked in an internal DataStax ticket: OPSC-8408.

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