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Backup Service: UDT, UDF, UDA objects not automatically created during Restore

Note: This has been fixed in OpsCenter 6.0.1


Backups created via OpsCenter's Backup Service automatically store the schema of all keyspaces and tables at the time of backing up.  During the Restore process, if any of the specified keyspaces or tables do not exist in the target cluster, OpsCenter will automatically re-create the schema/data-model before restoring the data itself.



Backups of keyspaces/tables that leverage User-Defined Types (UDT), User-Defined Aggregates (UDA), or User-Defined Functions (UDF) do not properly include the UDT/A/F definition in the backed up schema.  Due to this issue Restore is not able to properly re-create these objects if they do not exist.  If the UDT/A/F objects and table schema already exist on the target cluster Restore should complete properly as expected.  This only affects users that have dropped existing objects or are restoring to a new cluster.

When users hit the problem case the Restore will report Success as it is not aware that the backup is missing objects in the schema.  If a user is not aware of this issue they will not be aware anything is missing until trying to read/write data from the affected table.



Users that aware of this issue prior to running Restore should ensure the proper objects and schema are created on the target cluster before running Restore.

If you have already run a Restore and are affected by the issue, you can create the necessary objects and your data should be read/write accessible again.



This issue can be referenced using the following ID: OPSC-9261.  Please contact DataStax Support if you have any further questions or issues.

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