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Lifecycle Manager: Intermittent IncompleteRead errors


Some users will see intermittent issues from IncompleteRead errors during Lifecycle Manager (LCM) jobs:

File \"/usr/lib64/python2.6/\", line 641, in _safe_read
    raise IncompleteRead(''.join(s), amt) 



Users can workaround this error by re-running the previous jobs.  LCM jobs are idempotent and can be re-run to achieve the same result.



This error is caused by a bug in the HTTP server used within opscenterd.  Most HTTP clients of the REST API will automatically workaround this issue under the hood, however the python urllib2 library is not one of these clients.  The remote process used by LCM leverages urllib2 and is therefore exposed to the issue.

This issue typically appears during requests that require large download sizes, most often when downloading the datastax-agent packages for installation.

This issue can be referenced using the ID: OPSC-8851

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