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address.yaml owned by root after first agent installation

OpsCenter 6.0.0+ Only

Note: This has been fixed in OpsCenter 6.0.1


When leveraging automated agent installation through the OpsCenter UI, the first time the agent is installed on a node address.yaml (the agent's primary configuration file) will be owned by the "root" user.  If address.yaml exists prior to running the installation process ownership will not be modified.

This issue does not affect most OpsCenter functionality, but does prevent Automatic Failover of the opscenterd process from happening correctly.



The workaround is to change ownership of this file to the "cassandra" user on each node your cluster after running the automated agent installation.  This is easily achieved with the following command:

sudo chown cassandra: /var/lib/datastax-agent/conf/address.yaml

This workaround only needs to be applied once per node.  Future agent installation will retain proper ownership.


This issue can be referenced using the following ID:  OPSC-9336 

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