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Lifecycle Manager: Deprecation of DataStax Enterprise 5.0.0


OpsCenter 6.0.0 included Lifecycle Manager (LCM) with support for provisioning Datastax Enterprise 5.0.0, which was subsequently pulled from distribution due to a serious serious problem with the Cassandra File System (CFS), see the DSE 5.0.0 release notes for details on the problem. This change impacts LCM in the following ways:

  1. Attempts to install DSE 5.0.0 with LCM will fail, as it is no longer available for download. Install DSE 5.0.1 instead.
  2. It is no longer possible to view or edit config-profiles for DSE 5.0.0 in the LCM UI. You must recreate your config-profile(s)

Upgrading Existing DSE 5.0.0 Clusters

OpsCenter LCM does not yet perform automatic upgrades, OPSC-720 tracks the development of this feature. DSE 5.0.0 clusters must be manually upgraded to DSE 5.0.1 before they can continue to be managed with LCM. For a detailed description of this process see minor DataStax Enterprise Upgrades documentation. Note that the DataStax Installer should NOT be used on LCM managed clusters. Instead use your native package manager to update to the most recent available DSE packages:

  • apt-get update; apt-get upgrade
  • yum update

Recreating LCM Configuration Profiles

OpsCenter LCM will automatically download updated definition files that remove support for DSE 5.0.0 and add support for DSE 5.0.1. Once this is complete, it will no longer be possible view or manage configuration profiles for DSE 5.0.0 through the UI. Configuration profiles must be re-created for DSE 5.0.1.

If you know what settings you want, you can create a new configuration profile in the UI and delete the existing DSE 5.0.0 configuration profile.

If you have an existing configuration profile for DSE 5.0.0 that has a large number of settings configured, it's possible to migrate that profile using the API. Follow the instructions in Lifecycle Manager: Cloning Configuration Profiles to:

  1. Download your DSE 5.0.0 configuration profile using curl.
  2. Update the 'datastax-version' field from '5.0.0' to '5.0.1'.
  3. Add the new DSE 5.0.1 configuration profile using curl.
  4. Edit your LCM cluster models and select the new configuration profile.

You may now continue using LCM to manage your cluster via the UI. You may optionally delete the old DSE 5.0.0 configuration profile at this point.

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